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*Poof* *Unpoof*

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That’s the sound effects as I do my disappearing & reappearing act on the blogworld.

I shall offer up the usual excuses of Work & Family committments.

Work more so, beacuse of the stress and strain. Reporting to a new boss. The endless work. The deadlines. Impossible demands of clients. There was a time when I used to love my work. I think I still enjoy my work. But I just can’t put in my 100% anymore. I just can’t. I feel the wear and the tear. I feel like there is a burden on my back all the bloody time. I have leave, but find it next to impossible to take more than a day or two off. I haven’t been home for longer than a week in almost 3 years now. I find myself offering excuses to friends rather than making a plan and then having to cancel it yet again.

This time though, I put my foot down for the first time and took 4 days off for my sister’s wedding (that’s a luxury for me since the Courts are open). Spent time with myself. With my mom. With my grandmom. With my huuuge family. Went shopping. Just sat in the winter sun and relaxed with my cousins. Wore lots of saris and cribbed about wearing them. Preened like the proverbial peacock when I got the compliments. Especially when I was told that I looked just like my mom when I wear a sari (she is the family beauty and I’m the also-ran :P). Chatted with my grandmother. Did a disappearing act with cousins to go have puchkas at CR Park. Hogged on maach bhaaja (fish fry). And batter fried fish. And fish roll. And maacher kalia (fish curry).And doi maach (fish cooked with curd). And shorshe maach (fish cooked in mustard). And chingri malai curry (prawns cooked with coconut milk).And galda chingri (the biggest tastiest prawns). And kasha mangsho (a mutton preparation). With luchi. And patali gur (date jaggery avaialble only in winters).And tomato chaatni (tomato chutney – no Bong meal is complete without chutni which is eaten as a course in itself). And rosogolla in nolen gurer ros (Rasgullas soaked melted date jaggery). And adda. And cried when I had to wear flats instead of the lovely pencil  heels I had originally planned on wearing with my saris. And showed everyone my sandals & they all dutifully ooohed and aahed over them. Wore a backless blouse with traditional silk sari and scandalised my mother. And she told me to cover up with my shawl because it was cold. And my grandmother told her daughter that when young ladies wear are maaroing tashan, they don’t feel cold (I think she knew about the shots I had taken :P). And made endless cups of chair. And danced complete chhapri (I have no idea how to translate that in English, pliss help if you can) songs with everyone watching. And danced on ‘Desi Girl’ with my two year old nephew. Watched another little nephew’s haathe khodi (This is when the child first picks up a pencil/ chalk and is initiated into the lifelong process of learning and is always done on Saraswati Pujo – The Goddess of Learning & Knowledge). And straightened hair as the baraat (groom’s party) arrived. And switched off the fan & whipped off the razais from two 6 footers because they had to be woken up. And got threatened by them later. And had a fight with my mom because I wanted to wear a cream and gold sari. And watched my gandmom shed a few tears & memories since I had worn her mother’s sari. And lots of adda. And my grandaunt wondering who would get married next so that the whole family would meet again. Which is the cue for all those of marriageable age to disappear. And me to change the topic. Which unfortunately moved to when we planned to start a family. Which was my cue to disappear. And for another cousin to then change the topic. Who disappeared when asked why they were not planning on a second child. And we saw all the old ladies laughing away and almost falling off their chairs as they had basically been taking the case of all the grandkids.

Oh well, you guys get the idea now!!!

Time for me to disappear again….*POOF*

PS: Triewd to upload a few photos, but there’s some problem. Will try uploading them later.

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February 8, 2010 at 3:49 pm

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Welcome To My New Abode

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Hellooo peoples…Welcome to my new abode. Since parts of the site are still under construction, kindly adjust.

As you all now see, I have now switched alliance from Blogger to WordPress. Still getting the hang of it (While we’r at it, can someone please tell me how to incerase font size in my posts and also that of the links on my blogroll; and also how to bring the links for the multiple Pages on top from its existing place on the right side?)

By the way, a Subha Bijoya to all you. I had a wonderful trip to Cal this time – little shopping, lots of pandal hopping, lots of adda, quality time with the folks, major hogging, little sari wearing (saris and me are not conducive to pandal hopping), loads of mishti, the joy of knowing that I didn’t have to go to work for a whole week was simply bliss. (Details on another post)

Returned on Tuesday morning to work – lots of changes happening around here, including various administrative policies. (We’r most worried about the change in the leave policy – thank God I took a week off now). Let’s see what happens. We’r keeping our fingers crossed cuz it sure promises to be a bumpy ride.

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October 1, 2009 at 12:30 pm

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We’r off for the weekend….we plan on having loads of fun 😛
And you guys have a great weekend too 🙂

See ya on Wednesday.

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April 17, 2009 at 12:41 pm

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Mini Vacation

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I llllove long weeekends. They are like a mini-vacation in themselves. However, what is a long weekend for me is generally not considered a long weekend by the saner working population.
For me, Sunday is a weekend. A half-day on a Saturday is a long weekend and two whole days of no office work carried home/calls/meetings/ conferences/draftings etc etc etc. is a mini-vacation. I had a mini-vacation this weekend.

And the next weekend,Arjunand me are off to Kasauli to bring in our 2nd anniversary. We’v almost completed 2 years. Time does fly. I know its a cliche, but it does seem like just yesterday that we got married and I just moved to Gurgaon. Last year, we brought in our first anniversary in Jaipur and this time we’r off to Kasauli. We’v decided to go away every year at this time and take a short break for as long as we can manage. Now I just have my fingers & toes crossed that nothing comes up at the last minute and we do manage to go away.

However, this week is rather hectic for both of us since we won’t be here for two days next week and the last minute court holiday today has thrown things a little out of gear. Makes getting up and going on the treadmill every morning verrrry tough indeed. However, FF vasiyon, I promise I don’t intend to use this as a continued excuse. Please kick my ass and send me back on the treadmill.

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April 14, 2009 at 7:51 am

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So I’m off to Cal for a week from 4th – 11th May people…to enjoy some pampering at home. The hubby is also looking forward to his one week of chutti and plans to break out all the booze and throw a big party where he can invite a bunch of PYTs….

Ha ha…let’s see what all he’s upto in his one week of freedom.

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May 3, 2008 at 12:41 pm

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