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Welcome To My New Abode

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Hellooo peoples…Welcome to my new abode. Since parts of the site are still under construction, kindly adjust.

As you all now see, I have now switched alliance from Blogger to WordPress. Still getting the hang of it (While we’r at it, can someone please tell me how to incerase font size in my posts and also that of the links on my blogroll; and also how to bring the links for the multiple Pages on top from its existing place on the right side?)

By the way, a Subha Bijoya to all you. I had a wonderful trip to Cal this time – little shopping, lots of pandal hopping, lots of adda, quality time with the folks, major hogging, little sari wearing (saris and me are not conducive to pandal hopping), loads of mishti, the joy of knowing that I didn’t have to go to work for a whole week was simply bliss. (Details on another post)

Returned on Tuesday morning to work – lots of changes happening around here, including various administrative policies. (We’r most worried about the change in the leave policy – thank God I took a week off now). Let’s see what happens. We’r keeping our fingers crossed cuz it sure promises to be a bumpy ride.

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October 1, 2009 at 12:30 pm

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Guess who’s baaaaaaack!!!!

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Ths is dedicated to all my loyal blogger pals ( Wish I could say that I also had a few fans) who still bother to drop by and check up on me. Hey guys…I’m still alive and kicking. Just not been writing. This hiatus was not an intentional one – just that everyday something came up, and I’d say “Oh!!! I have afew minutes…I’l comment on this blog and that blog” and then due to paucity of time, I’d miss out on penning a few lines in my own blog. Or I’d read some wonderful posts like this one by Chandni or this by Mumbai Diva or this by Dee or this by Miss M or thisby Ria or this by Mad Momma or this by Monica or this by Lostie or this by D or this by Indian Homemaker, and then I wonder what could I write that you guys would still come read me.
I haven’t been upto much off late though I did make a long overdue flying visit to Bombay from where a busload of us drove down from Bombay to Mahabaleshwar. The drive was wonderful and we (three of us who went from Delhi and have all studied in Pune) hogged on  sabudana kichdi/ wada, poha, upma, vada pao & dabelis. We drove through clouds too at one point.
Here are a few pics from the journey taken from my very basic ‘point & shoot’ digicam.
This is the three of us who went from the Delhi office.
We partied all night and totally let our hair down & took the first bus back from Mahabaleshwar to aamchi Mumbai to take the late evening flight back to saddi Dilli. We drove through Pune too at one point and the whole bus (which was a whole bunch of people who had studied in Pune) was trying to coax the boss that we had to stop and pitch tent there. The whole time that we were in Mahabaleshwar, it rained ad it poured & we were constantly wet & cold, but it was good fun. A great impromptu trip.
The same weekend that i had gone to Bombay & Mahabaleshwar, Arjun had gone to Hyderabad on work and satyed back there for a couple of days to spend time with his best friend – Johnnie (who makes the best biryani ever). He had a great time with his friends & I had a great time with my friends. He also got me back pearls & glass bangles from the city of the Nizam.
And after the fun times, we’r now gettuing our house painted & some minor renovations & all done. It started last Sunday & we’r hoping that it will be done by this weekend. i’m also due for some minor surgery tomorrow.
And at work, i’v been banging my head against the proverbial brick wall.
I also got loads of chocolates yesterday from my lovely bro in Chennai and a very close friend, who’s also my rakhi brother.
Yup so I’v been busy. Btw, all those who’v managed to read till here, I have a question?
If you had a million dollars & could live off the interest for the rest of your life, what would you do? Would you give up working? Join an NGO? Travel the rest of your life? Live your dream?

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August 6, 2009 at 6:51 am

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Randomly – About Kasauli & IPL

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Well first things first….thanks all of you who wished us and boo to those who didn’t 😛
We had a great time a Kasauli as you can see from our snaps. We stayed in a cottage in a resort called Baikunth.
That’s my other half posing on the overhanging porch outside our cottage. You can see a part of the cottage on the left. We had this lovely window seat in the cottage with a huge glass window so you could read and look outside in the mountains and contemplate as well. I’v told Arjun that when we buy our own house, I want a window seat like that too. 
That’s yours truly shivering away in the late evening breeze in the lovely garden. They had a lovely garden with garden swings, wrought iron and jute garden furniture with canopies. We  did plan on dining out every night, except for the fact that I forgot to carry a jacket, and the true blue Bong that I am, I would start shivering at the slightest breeze. We did manage to have drinks outside though one night 🙂
That’s me posing on a lovely sunny morning in our porch.You can see the mountains and trees in the background. This was before our Kerala massage. The resort had a Kerala massage facility, so both of us got a body massage done. That was really really great. Ideal anniversary – eat, sleep, get a massage done, watch the IPL matches, spend quality time with each other, go for a hike, lots of photo-ops for my shutterbug hubby,and reading time for me. Added plus point for Arjun was that since we not staying in the main Kasauli town, I did no shopping and the gift shop at the resort was only discovered on the last day and it was closed.
These Raybans were Arjun’s anniversary gift. I  got them made for his power. The guy was thrilled with his first ever shades (He would use the money to buy another lens/ camera stuff) and getting sunglasses custom-made are well….always secondary to his camera. This now demands the story of how he became a bakra. These were a total surprise for him and he had no idea whatsoever that I had ordered these for him and had asked them to be delivered at his parent’s place. Friday night his parents came over to meet us before we left and my MIL gave me the Rayban box in front of him. This guy huffed and puffed cuz he thought I went and bought myself a sunglasses and didn’t get him anything and slunk off to a corner with beer in hand to sulk. he even refused to see them. My FIL tried them on and said in a totally surprised tone “Are, these are power wale sunglasses, but they’r not my power.” My MIL said they’r too big for her face. Then I tried them on as well and said they were not my power. By the end of all this drama, Arjun figured out they were for him and well…the glee on his face said it all.
That’s the lovely couple taking a breather during their hike.
That is the one and only desert I had in our 4 days there. Hey, I have to have something mitha on my 2nd anniversary.

That is Kasauli at night.
There were wind-chimes hung up in all unlikely places and we could hear them tinkling every time the wind blew but we couldn’t however see them, except for this one we spotted on a tree.
And that is my favourite photographer caught in action 🙂 
Pictures: Courtesy Arjun Mahajan. These are his copyrighted images and any unauthorized usage will not be taken lightly. 
Now about IPL. Down with SRK. He makes Dada a judge on some stupid cheerleaders and the strips him off his captaincy. Use saari Bangaliyon ke gaaliyan padengi. uski saari movies flop karenge. (Btw where are the selected cheerleaders? I have only seen the blonde babes dancing).
Oh and do check out the Fake IPL Player. Don’t know who he is and if he actually is who he claims to be, i.e., a fake IPL player, but he sure is bringing us his aankhon dekha masala gossip straight from South Africa.

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April 24, 2009 at 7:18 am

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100th Post

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Woohooo people…I’v completed a century (and a little more than a year as well) 😛
Anyway lot o tell. We had a super-amazing Holi party. We got all dirtied up and had loads of fun. You can see the photos here. We played only with herbal colours and lots of water. Surprisingly it took only 20 minutes under the shower to clean up – no rashes, no breakouts nothing. I did end up with fever and a sore throat though on Wednesday evening, which resulted in my being on an enforced maun vrat on Thursday in office. I played dumb charades all day and sent a lot of mails to my colleagues since I couldn’t shout across the cubicles and ask them as we usually do. They thought it was awfully funny.
Anyway left early Friday morning for Calcutta. Saw Vivek Oberoi at the aiport dressed in a chappri (sidey/ roadside – don’t know how to translate it) pink tee and maaroing loads of attitude. sadly for him, nooone daaloed him any ghaas and as an old gentleman behind me commented “Who is that bugger? Does he have ants up his pants?”. Mr. Oberoi was accompanied by a bunch of wannabes who thought they had something over the rest of us plebeians since Vivek Oberoi condescended to chat with them. However, thanks to my cold, I ended up with terrible earache on the flight and my right ear being blocked for the rest of the day, which resulted in my hearing only from the left ear (Nope not funny people – its weird to yawn and hear some sound like paper crinkling in your ear which is apparently the tissues moving around).
Anyway took mom shopping, bought her a pair of jeans and a couple of tops. Picked up a couple of tops for myself as well. It’s really funny when you have the heppest mall 5 minutes away from home, hence we end up going there on evening walks dressed in old tees and shorts and seeing the rest of the crowd all dressed up to their nines. Onetime, a bunch of friends all sweaty after a basketball match landed up for a coffee only to meet a friend’s future boss and him turning the opposite direction and running off.
We went to New Market the next day where I picked up some black and whites for myself and hunted for some decent shoes. I’m wondering why these shoe brands like Inc 5, Metro, woodland etc. don’t make some decent office sandals which don’t have stupid bows and ribbons, impossible heels and hard soles. I fail to understand why can’t we have smart and comfy office wear? I generally end up buying Catwalk for office wear though I was a big Inc 5 fan earlier. And yes I’m bored of peep-toes now. Let’ have some new designs please. Met a couple of old school friends for lunch which was really fun. There was a time we’d discuss what subjects to take and which fest to go for and how much to roll up the skirt above the knee which our Ghoomti Aatma (Vice principle so named cuz she’d invariable show up with her head popping in through this huge window which had been all covered up with bags  whenever we were up to no good) would not notice. Now we were discussing married life 2nd anniversary celebrations, work, office politics, scholarships, old friends and who got married, kids and when to have them etc etc etc.
Sunday I met another close friend for coffee and then surprised an aunt by dropping by at her place for half an hour and made my poor cousin come out of the loo without taking a bath since I was in a hurry. That evening I also conned my dad into buying me this sexy outfit which I had seen and coveted 😛
Monday morning (i.e. today) saw me headed back and landing with pain in left ear and little hearing in my left ear for the day. 
I need to go see a doc 😦

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March 16, 2009 at 7:28 am

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