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600+ pages

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Happy Ambedkar Jayanti. Its a gazetted holiday. Mostly everyone is enjoying their siesta at home on this mid-week chutti.

And I’m wading through 600+ pages of documents. Life is bloody unfair.

My conference this evening has been simply adjourned postponed to tomorrow. I don’t even feel like studying the documents now. But if I don’t do it now, I’m sooooo going to repent tomorrow. I need to get back to wading through those 600+pages of documents. Like I said life is unfair. The boss has also not come though he’s been announcing he’s going to be coming today.

Ok enough procrastination. I royally need to get down to those 600+ pages of documents now. I’m going to be cross-eyed. I demand combat pay fo9r getting cross eyed. As you must have figured, I’m writing this post just so I want have to study those 600+ pages. Can I not outsource my work? I need a junior whom I can bully. My juniors say I’m an easy senior since I don’t usually kick ass so when I do kick ass they know its something earth-shattering. In our team, I’m like the ‘dad’ who raises his voice only when its something major. My colleague is the ‘mom’ who pulls them up as and when required.

So I am now going to get back to my back-breaking donkey work and you’l be seeing a cross-eyed me next time. Ok fine I’m getting back to my 600+ pages now (I stopped paginating after I crossed 600).

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April 14, 2010 at 3:55 pm

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