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Is Muthalik Sleeping?

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Have you seen the ads for Ipill? Since I couldn’t find the link on Youtube, I’l just layout the bare storyboard.
1st Advertisement
Scene 1 – A young girl hurriedly getting up from breakfast table where her parents are also shown eating, grabbing her bag and hurrying out.
Scene 2 – She gets into a cab where her friend is waiting to pick her up and is shown to be very upset and is crying.
Scene 3 – They make the rounds of various abortion clinics and show that the girl is too scared to enter it.
Scene 4 – Solution is Ipill -72. Take it within 72 hours of unprotected sex and you are saved from the bother of an unwanted pregnancy.
2nd Advertisement
Scene 1 –Call at midnight and girl hurries into bathroom and shuts door while answering the call.
Scene 2 –She asks details of When? Where? Exact details of time.
Scene 3– Solution is Ipill -72. Take it within 72 hours of unprotected sex and your saved from the bother of an unwanted pregnancy. 
Now a similar pill of another company going by the very befitting name of ‘Unwanted-72’ at least has the sense to show two married couples in their advertisements.
Now correct me if I’v got this wrong, but it sounds to me like the Ipill-72 guys are basically saying “Go ahead and have all the unprotected sex you want ladies.Just pop in an Ipill-72 within 72 hours to protect yourself from an unwanted pregnancy.”

Ummm…are they encouraging young UNMARRIED girls to give into the throes of passion and sleep around (as seen from their advertisement). How did this get past the moral police? Are Muthalik and guys sleeping (literally) while UNMARRIED WOMEN sleep around and corrupt Indian culture and Indian men?
PS: I’m not even going to get into the issue of AIDS and STDs and unprotected sex.

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August 29, 2009 at 6:08 pm

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