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Randomness ‘R’ Us

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Ummm hellooo poeples…yes you. Yes yes YOU. My sole reader.

I haven’t dropped off the earth yet. Yes I know that’s what you all thought and that’s why you all held a two minute silence and struck my name off the blogger’s roll. But please don’t do that. Kindly lend me a year…err ear. Its me. Do you need some photo ID?

Now where have I been is your question? Busy in work *sob sob*. I no longer have a life. The little bit of social life that I had is long buried under mounds and mounds of work. And I haven’t even got an increment in 15 months. Blame the bloody recession. I need to go tell my boss “SHOW ME THE MONEY” ala Tom Cruise, but doubt if he’s going to appreciate that much right now. Clients are slowly coming back and its boom time. But no bloody raise…YET. Well we can always hope can’t we?

  • In other random news, our Goa plan this month has been canned.
  • I’m going to Calcutta next month for 2-3 days to meet my parents and more importantly, meet my fairy god hild
  • Well her mother (my BFF since the past ten years) has appointed me her fairy god mother which makes her my fairy godchild. And she’s called Dia. And she is going to be 5 months in May. And I haven’t seen her for so long because my BFF stays in New Jersey which is saat samundar paar.
  • God save me from mad clients.
  • We have finally found a cook. Her day to day vegetarian food is decent which means I am taking a dabba to work everyday.
  • I am also trying hard to eat healthy so I carry some fruits from home to eat whenever I’m hungry instead of having maggi or some other junk food.
  • I can’t think of what is to be made everyday so I take suggestions from the mothers, from colleagues at work, from twitter.
  • I am also open to suggestions here.
  • Oh and did I mention that its my fairy godchild’s annaprasan which means I need to be dressed up in a sari.
  • My brain’s gone on a strike today and I have some important filings tomorrow.
  • I haven’t drafted a word today which means I shall repent tomorrow.
  • I decided to compound that by bullying one of my colleagues to accompany me for brownies and ice cream.
  • I shall try and be more regular.
  • All my drafting skills go in my work and when it comes to writing a blog post, I am all drafted out.
  • I shall neverthless try and be more regular.
  • Oh and I have 4 weddings to attend in Juny & July. And we need to attend all of them – 2 are in Calcutta on different dates, 1 in Bombay and 1 in Delhi.
  • That means more saris btw.
  • Yup I’m all drfated out for now. Like I said brain is on strike. my fingers have typed this out with no instructions from the brain.

Hence the randomness.

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April 8, 2010 at 7:11 pm

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