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Tragedywala Weekend

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This weekend was a complete tragedy for me in terms of food. Now before we get started on the woeful  saga (arthath ‘dukhbhari katha’ ) of my weekend, let me bring to your kind attention that I am a self-confessed foodie, whose food interest are however, very much restricted to tried and tested food items. I refuse to venture where I have not gone before. I love eating what I already like to eat. I am very much vocal about my likes and dislikes when it comes to food. Getting me to try out something new is a major task unto itself which few have dared to attempt after their first tries have miserably failed. My roommate of three years in Pune though did manage to introduce me to the joys of gajar ka  halwa, which is probably the only time in history that I have eaten and liked something new.

Now that you know some of the background, I shall begin my dukhbhari katha.

This Saturday, on our way back from work, I proposed a dinner out to the Hujband, who readily agreed (and here I was all set to build my case for dinner out). The only condition being I had to decide where to go since he wasn’t in the mood todecide. Thus, we landed up at this super-exclusive Itqlian resteraunt (with an Italian chef) in Gurgaon. We called for some prawn antipasto, which basically turned out to be sadda Dilliwala channa masala with prawns in it. Tolerable. I wanted to try some pasta for the main course, but the host kept telling me to try the “authentic Italian pizza” – it being different from the other American pizzas readily available. On his recommendation, I tried some chicken pizza, which basically turned out to be tomato puree, cheese and boiled chicken. Yes that’s it – no salt, masalas, nothing. My desi taste buds were offened and I was constrained to ask for chilli flakes and oregano which offended the Italian sensibilties of the chef, who personally came out and tried to convince me not to defile it. I sprinkled generous amounts of oregano and chilli flakes etc…but didn’t help. I struggled valiantly though one and a half slices till I gave up. The host tried to convince me for some pasta, but I was obviously very sceptical. He finally recommended chocolate mousse for which I agreed. Only to repent. The chocolate mousse tasted of anything but chocolate.  Apparently, it had a filling of balsamic strawbeery, so the end rest of the mousse was that it just tasted weird – neither chocolate, nor strawberry nor balsamic.

[I ended up having a chicken tikka sandwich and coffee as dinner at DT before we went in for the late night show of 3i (which we were seeing for the second time) and absolutely loved].

Next tragedy was my Sunday lunch when we called for mutton biryani from Deez, but the mutton was not cooked properly and again I couldn’t have it. Called up the Deez guys and gave them an earful and turned down their offer to send another handi.

My last and final tragedy was my Sunday dinner where I made dal, chawal and fish fry. Fish was perfectly fried red and crisp – but had not been cut properly and the fish was bitter 😦

So that sums up my tragedy-wala weekend in terms of food.  

[I demanded good food for lunch the next day at work, as opposed to our usual thali ;P]

 PPS: I started drafting this post on Monday, but managed to complete it only today.

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January 15, 2010 at 1:38 pm

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We plan and we plan and we coordinate schedules and we meet a friend for lunch at this Thai place in the Defence Colony Market for a Friday which in itself is a major achievement.
Said friend shows me her new ring on the left hand and we do the required ‘Ooohhs’ and ‘Aaaahs’ as that was he main purpose of the lunch. We do the yak-yak thing where we discuss clothes and shoes and her recent trip to USA and my Mahabaleshwar trip and I tell her all about my new grey block heeled suede shoes (some ooohing and aaahing required here from you guys) while we eat the spring rolls (chicken) and drink our coke, have the main course (Thai red curry for her & Basil chicken for me), share a desert (brownies with ice cream & lots of hot chocolate sauce). And then we call for the check.
Which is when we realise that between the two of us we only have 500 bucks and no card. Ooooops.
We call the waiter and explain the situation to him, so we run down to get into her car and quickly drive to my office, which is when we realise the said car also has a puncture. Oooooops.

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September 4, 2009 at 10:45 am

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