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Confessions of a New Driver

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I have finally taken the plunge. I have finally bought a car. I am finally driving myself around.


For so many years I was driven around – by our driver, by the cabbie, by friends, by my mom. Friends encouraged me to learn how to drive. And I’d brandish my driving license at them. Yes I have had a license since 2004.

The story began when I learnt how to shift gears in a  stationary car way back when I was 15 on my Dad’s office waali gaadi, a heavy duty Ambassador. Fast forward to 2004. I went to a driving school, learnt how to drive and got my license as well made. Thereafter I never drove again. I made a few ventures on our Vento last year on lovely empty Gurgaon roads on bright sunny afternoons with the driver. The moment any other vehicle was anywhere on the same road (even if it was 5 kms behind me) I’d simply freeze. If anyone whizzed past me, I’d panic and start randomly pressing at any pedal. The driver diplomatically convinced me to drop the idea. Now fast forward to March 2015 when I joined my new office (which is 33 kms from home, that is faaaaaarr). A second car became a most urgent need. Not wanting to see all my money going in paying the EMI, driver’s salary and fuel bills, I decided it was high time I learnt (re-learnt) how to drive. Hence, lots of research happened (which meant I checked a couple of sites online to get an idea of the prices and then called a friend who’s very gyaani about cars). Also I was very clear that I didn’t want to invest my hard earned money in a second hand car. The husband decreed that we would hire a second driver to teach me for the next few months.

My lovely silver Polo joined our family and we became a 2 car household in April.  Then began the hunt for another driver (since my husband didn’t want our driver running away because he had to teach me how to drive). I went through 4 drivers in about 2 months. Driver No. 1 ran away after I drove 10 kms at an agonizing 30 kms per hour and took me about 45 minutes on a relatively empty road. Driver No. 2 lasted for 15 days. Driver No. 3 was fired after the second day since I had to keep reminding him to use the indicator. Driver No. 4 lasted the longest – a full 18 days. Driver Nos. 2 & 4 managed to teach me somewhat to drive and not freeze there were other vehicles on the road. I was terrible at easing the car into first gear. The car would grind to a start under my confused control of the clutch & accelerator and then shudder to a halt. Every damn time. I’d hate stopping at signals because there’d be a queue of cars behind me honking away. I’d get tense. The car would not start. I’d get more tense. Cue more honking. I’d finally get out of the driver’s seat in a huff, apologetically smile at the cars behind me and get into the backseat.  Driver No. 2 was sadistic (actually, he was very sweet). He’d make me drive the car a few meters. Then stop. Then ease into first gear again. several times a day. Rinse. Repeat. Till I got it right. Driver No. 4 was even more sadistic ( actually, he was also quite sweet). “Madam, aap mat dariye. Aap chaliye.” He made me drive on crowded roads. With multiple lanes.Cars switching between lanes without any indicators. In start – stop traffic. He’d nonchalantly wave at the honking cars behind me and point to the big red ‘L’ on the windshield. Till one day I realized that I wasn’t scared anymore of the other vehicles on the road. I wasn’t freezing in traffic. I was one among the other cars on the road.

After Driver No. 4, I tried to convince the husband that I could now drive solo to work. He asked me to take him for a drive. Knuckles turned white, lips were clenched and not a single word was spoken at the  end of the drive. He had a really stiff drink at the end of it. Then he convinced our regular driver to go with me for a couple of more weeks. He sat in the backseat so I wouldn’t feel him figuratively standing on my head inside the car. After that I rebelled and decided it was time for me to drive solo. Surprisingly, the husband agreed. Without any arguments. That fact by itself made it a red letter day. Then I started driving solo. It takes me two hours on an average each way (because I’m too fattu to speed beyond 60 kms). I call the office boy down to guide me with parking when I reach work. The main thing is that I drive myself. Please take a moment to acknowledge that.  This is empowering for me. I spent too many years being scared. Till I just decided that I am going to buy a car and drive it.I am woman. Hear me roar!

And stay out of my way when I’m on the road. I might just flip the finger at you if you switch lanes without an indicator or drive on full beam in well-lit roads or honk at me to go faster on a crowded road or suddenly go from the extreme right to turn left blocking the traffic or are a two wheeler meandering away on the road or have that horrible white disco-dancing LED light or suddenly zoom out of a lane onto incoming traffic without checking almost causing a pile-up. And if you have an ‘L’ on your car, I’m going to give you a big smile & thumbs-up as I pass you by. 


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July 29, 2015 at 5:22 pm

Hitting the Ground Running

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Its been 3 weeks since I started my new job. Its been a huuuuge change for me in more ways than one – some good and well some better 🙂

I hit the ground running from the day I joined. Its been  a whole different ball game for me – the work is the same and yet its different. The setup is entirely different from what I am familiar with. I had to learn terms like ‘vertical’ and ‘super area’ and ‘CAM’ etc. I learnt how to balance the legal angle with the commercial angle. Actually I am still learning. I was on the job from Day 1 – a job where the previous guy before me had quit a while back, pending work, the guy reporting to me down with dengue so it meant my having to figure out  alot of stuff on my own through trial and error.  The good part is thhat its  really close to my house – it takes me 15 minutes if I leave before 9 am and 40 minutes after 9 am. And I have Saturdays off 🙂

The one thing which I really do miss here (besides not going to Court) and which kept me going in my previous firm was my friends there. I made some very close friends there and we’d cover up for each other. I don’t see that happening here. My new colleagues are fun, but I miss my old friends – our horsing around, arguing a point of law at the top of our voices, rushing off to the library to gossip, the eating & hogging, the impromptu visits to Morrisson, going to Lajpat & Khan Market during lunch. I hope to make some friends here soon. I already made a few of them come with me to Nirulas one of these days for ice cream. And I am trying to convince everyone to wear a sari one of the days next week because I ma going to be very depressed since I am not going to Cal this time for Pujo. I am super depressed because of that.

Written by SupMM

October 5, 2010 at 11:57 pm

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Getting over a one & half month weekend!!!

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We have some news people….we return to the world of the earning & employed tomorrow. We are no longer the Great Unemployed from 13.09.2010 onwards. My one and half month weekend comes to an end. Getting severe Monday morning blues. Also a little bit of excitement & nervousness in equal parts. There is the excitement of joining somewhere new – new challenges, new people, a fresh start. There is also the nervousness of moving out of my comfort zone, moving into a whole different setup from what I am used to, the expected politics, leading a new team, the people etc.

I am glad I took this time out for myself and regained some of what I had lost out working crazy hours and practically no weekends. It took a severe toll on my health, apart from the fact that I had not had a proper break of more than 4-5 days at a stretch. I spent some good time with my parents in Calcutta and when I got back to Gurgaon, I came down with a regular cold & cough which left me feeling extremely weak & listless, despite the rest and care that I took.  It took me quite a while to bounce back. I see another friend of mine who has been put on a compulsory 2 week bed rest by the doctors because her body has completely broken down from the stress, work pressure & long irregular hours. I don’t want to be there at the age of 27. I spent lots of time with the Hujband. And I learnt that being sincere towards one’s work always pays in the long run but there is a line I need to draw somewhere between work & life. I have enjoyed this period of doing aboslutely nothing & whiling away days. I did some bit of cooking but mostly spent time with myself. I think I am my own best company. Yes I know that sounds narcisstic. But its a fact. It took some courage to quit my job without another job in hand. But i didn’t regret it for even one moment. (Except the part where I couldn’t shop as I had to cut down on my frivolous expenditure).

The Hujband took me out to celebrate the day I signed the papers. I also shopped finally after ages. I bought two t-shirts & two formal shirts. Oh! And neither of the shirts are white or black & white. I have no idea what non-formal Indian formals are like. I have only bought white/ black & white suits for the past four years. Currently my entire work  wear is black & white. I am looking forward to wearing coloured formals. And having a 5 day week. And regular working hours. We rounded off the super long month & half weekend with a rocking party to bring in the Hujband’s 33rd birthday. Or as he puts it he is 16 years old with 17 years experience 😛

So its back to work for me tomorrow.


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September 12, 2010 at 8:36 pm

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Sue Me!!! I Am Selfish!!!

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Ever since I have decided to take a sabbatical, I have had people wondering about whether we’r starting a family and if we are, then getting upset because we haven’t told them about it. I have had random people message me, ping me on FB and call me to ask how many months along am I. How weird and how rude is that? They jumped to their own conclusions and think its rude when I get offended. What strated as a joke has snowballed into something else all together. How difficult is is to understand that I have taken some time off for myself – to sleep, eat, cook, bake, read, write, do up my house, take driving lessons, learn a new language. I know most people don’t generally take some time off right when their career starts peaking, but I did it. I was kind of freaked out at thinking I hadn’t really done anything new since I started working. I don’t have kids right now. I do nothing all day if I so choose or I maybe a whirlwind doing twenty things in one day. And no I haven’t taken time off to get pregnant either. The Hujband tells me to enjoy this time because we don’t know when I would ever get time off like this.

If that is selfish, then yes I am selfish. Sue me.

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September 3, 2010 at 10:25 am

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Sabbatical: Day 3/ Mommy’s Birthday

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Day 3 of my sabbatical began with a call from an ex-colleague with whom I haven’t really been in touch since I moved to Delhi barring the random FB comments & likes. She was calling to find out about the collague’s husband who has been admitted to hospital. He may have to go in for a surgery tomorrow. Please pary for them.

I also had a few calls from office.

Today is my mother’s birthday and I celebrated it with my parents after ten years. I left for college in 2001 and college would be on in full swing by July end.  Thereafter, I got busy with work. This was the main reason why I came to Calcutta on 27th and will not meet the Hujband for 26 days. he left for his tour on 21st and I left for Cal on 27th. he gets back on 29th and will be in town for 4-5 days before touring again and we will meet only on 16th when we both return home. This is the longest time that we have stayed apart since we got married. Anyway, I chilled the entire morning and afternoon, then went and got the cake. The good thing about Calcutta is the abundance and variety of public transportation available which means I don’t need to take to get the car out everytime; unlike Gurgaon where there is practically no public transportation. I picked up a chocolate truffle from Kookie Jar which we cut when my mom returned home from work. I took her out for dinner later in the evening to Mocambo where I had a fish steak and Ma had a chicken sizzler. I quite like the ambience and it gives stiff competition to Peter Cat. Noone can beat Peter Cat’s chelo kebabs though and I shall now be forced to say that the fish steak at Mocambo rocks as well. that wraps up my day today.

Over and out for now. Tomorrow shall be a new day.


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July 28, 2010 at 11:56 pm

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Pros & Cons of a Sabbatical

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I’m excited. Its ben ages since I have made plans and been able to follow through with them.

I’m making plans of meeting a friend who’s in India for a month; spending time with my parents; of re-learning driving; of trying out the various recipes I have been wanting to try; of maybe picking up the guitar again; going on a weekend trip with friends. These are the upside of taking a sabbatical.

The downside of taking a sabbatical is NO SHOPPING. The sales are on everywhere and I need to be careful with the money and not shop. Understandably so. I saw this amazing silk blend formal jumpsuit yesterday at a 40% markdown. In merawala pink, AND I COULDN’T BUY IT. As in I could have but I DIDN’T BUY IT. Kindly appreciate. The Hujband didn’t understand what the fuss was all about 😥

Another downside is me having to return the faithful Blackberry to the office and having to buy a sasta, sundar Samsung Corby 😦

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July 19, 2010 at 1:52 pm

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Randomness ‘R’ Us

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Ummm hellooo poeples…yes you. Yes yes YOU. My sole reader.

I haven’t dropped off the earth yet. Yes I know that’s what you all thought and that’s why you all held a two minute silence and struck my name off the blogger’s roll. But please don’t do that. Kindly lend me a year…err ear. Its me. Do you need some photo ID?

Now where have I been is your question? Busy in work *sob sob*. I no longer have a life. The little bit of social life that I had is long buried under mounds and mounds of work. And I haven’t even got an increment in 15 months. Blame the bloody recession. I need to go tell my boss “SHOW ME THE MONEY” ala Tom Cruise, but doubt if he’s going to appreciate that much right now. Clients are slowly coming back and its boom time. But no bloody raise…YET. Well we can always hope can’t we?

  • In other random news, our Goa plan this month has been canned.
  • I’m going to Calcutta next month for 2-3 days to meet my parents and more importantly, meet my fairy god hild
  • Well her mother (my BFF since the past ten years) has appointed me her fairy god mother which makes her my fairy godchild. And she’s called Dia. And she is going to be 5 months in May. And I haven’t seen her for so long because my BFF stays in New Jersey which is saat samundar paar.
  • God save me from mad clients.
  • We have finally found a cook. Her day to day vegetarian food is decent which means I am taking a dabba to work everyday.
  • I am also trying hard to eat healthy so I carry some fruits from home to eat whenever I’m hungry instead of having maggi or some other junk food.
  • I can’t think of what is to be made everyday so I take suggestions from the mothers, from colleagues at work, from twitter.
  • I am also open to suggestions here.
  • Oh and did I mention that its my fairy godchild’s annaprasan which means I need to be dressed up in a sari.
  • My brain’s gone on a strike today and I have some important filings tomorrow.
  • I haven’t drafted a word today which means I shall repent tomorrow.
  • I decided to compound that by bullying one of my colleagues to accompany me for brownies and ice cream.
  • I shall try and be more regular.
  • All my drafting skills go in my work and when it comes to writing a blog post, I am all drafted out.
  • I shall neverthless try and be more regular.
  • Oh and I have 4 weddings to attend in Juny & July. And we need to attend all of them – 2 are in Calcutta on different dates, 1 in Bombay and 1 in Delhi.
  • That means more saris btw.
  • Yup I’m all drfated out for now. Like I said brain is on strike. my fingers have typed this out with no instructions from the brain.

Hence the randomness.

Written by SupMM

April 8, 2010 at 7:11 pm

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