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Of Honesty with your Work & Other Tales

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One thing my parents always told me is to be honest with my work – whether it was studies or doing my chores around the house or anything else that I did. This was the first thing which I was told on my first day of my first internship as well by my then mentor. He told me that if I was not honest with my work, it would show and I would be the ultimate loser.

Don’t cut corners so that you can leave ten minutes early. Go the extra mile. Study the file completely. Make your own reference notes. Take a coffee break when you need to but don’t stretch it too long when you have work piled up on your table. Whethere its research or drafting, check it completely before you give it in. Know your file. Be sure of the facts. Know the dates. Don’t hesitate to clarify if your unsure about something. Eat up the client’s head if you need to – that’s what he’s paying you for. Think out of the box but back it up with logic & law. Read up the latest judgements/ noifications/ amendments. When you fail to do this, it reflects on your work. Present you facts clearly. Pay attention to the details. No work is too big or too small. Do things one step at a time – read the facts, do the researcg, check the latest updates, draft, vet it, settle the draft. Be proud of your work.

I learnt this during my internships & later, when I stepped out of college and began my career with the bar. It has always stood me in good stead.  This is something I also tell my juniors. Abd when someone is no honest with their work, I fail to understand why. It shocks me (And I’m not talking about ass-lickers here – just people who’r plain and simple lazy to do their work). Maybe I’m just old-fashioned, because I am informed that this is how it works today. I refuse to accept that – it never worked that way yesterday, and it won’t work like that tomorrow.

On a more pleasant note. I had a good mid-week break (Friday), a working Saturday and a lazy Sunday. Friday, I met Meira. She’d come home for dinner – we had some good girl talk and dinner. And she said i’m an awesome cook & I have a lovely house too – Thanks Meira : )

Saturday was a usual working day, though we did go for a leisurely office lunch.

Sunday night, we did a potluck dinner with friends where thir little soon licked up all the ketchup with his finger and had ketchup all over himself and elsewhere as well 😛

Monday morning – work as usual.

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October 6, 2009 at 3:36 pm

Full Circle

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Life has taken a full circle for me.

When I passed out of college in 2006 and joined work, I used to be very amazed and astounded as to how my seniors would remember dates, details of every case, innumerable judgements, quote sections & judges at the drop of a hat, use legal terminology when making normal conversation and expect the other person to understand.

Three years down the line, I call my tailor and ask if he has “amended” my kurta and then wonder why he cannot understand what I am saying.

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September 3, 2009 at 6:18 am

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Side-effects of being an Advocate

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  • You own an entire wardrove in black and white and you own at least 5-6 pairs of shoes/ sandals in black
  • You think wearing light pink on a weekday is very colourful
  • You do a good imitation of Govinda’s fondness for colours on weekends
  • You often begin your sentences as ‘I humbly submit….’ or ‘BECAUSE…’ or ‘That it has been conclusively held…’ or ‘My learned friend does not appreciate that…’ or ‘Qua…’ and then wonder why people think it’s odd
  • You humbly ‘pray’ before your ‘Ld. Senior’ for leave and state that the said prayer will not adversely affect any other party
  • You are often accosted by various autowalas/ strangers on  the road when they see you coming out of court to represent them on their land/ dowry/ divorce/ family dispute matters and they start telling you in agonising detail all about it
  • You send your credit card company a detailed letter about the late payment penalty and sign off as Advocate and they reverse the charges (Yup that actually happened to me)
  • You don’t get a car loan or any other loan or if you do, you have to pay pretty high interest on it
  • You tell your credit card company that you are a consultant
  • You promise your dhobi that you will draft a legal notice on his behalf if he promsies to bring your clothes on time
  • You demand a statement for charges levied on your account by the Bank and after perusing the same you write to the Bank that the charges levied are in violation of the Apex Court’s judgment and if not reversed within 7 working days, appropriate proceeings shall be instituted in the appropiate forum and they shall be responsible for all costs incurred
  • You are told not to be a lawyer (like its a dirty word) when your fighting with the other half
  • You get accused of being a lawyer. PERIOD

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July 9, 2009 at 11:00 am

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Tagtime – 1,2,3,…

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Hey folks. Been a while. Blame it on work. We poor over-worked, impoverished lawyers.

So Mumbai Diva has tagged me…I have to assign the importance of each of the numbers from 1 – 10.


1 – The class when I started reading – from Noddy to 7’o Clock tales – I devoured them all.


2 – The number of years that Arjun and me have been married (well almost 2 – we complete 2 years this month). Also the number of children I want.


3 – The number of years that I have been out of college and on my own in this big bad world


4 – The number of my closest friends whom I can tell anything and everything


5 – The number of years I spent in Pune and of which I have very fond memories


6 – The month of my birthday 😀


7 – The number of years since I have left home


8 – The number of kilos I aim on losing


9 – My date of birth (Yes I am obsessed about my birthday – Kya karen? Comes only once a year 😛 )


10 – The plots I have in my brain for my books 😛


Okie this was fun…I tagArjun, Utopia, Lostie, Ria and Rachita to do it. And anyone else who wants do it. Do it and ping me. I’l come and check out your countdown too.

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April 2, 2009 at 12:30 pm

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Slaving away earning my remuneration

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Waaaaaah…I had written this whole post about losers who like to dose out sarcastic comments to others, but when its their turn to take it they turn around and say “Hey, no need to get personal”. There was some glitch when I hit the ‘Publish’ button and my post seems to have disappeared.

 Anyway 7:45 on a Saturday evening and yours truly is still slaving in office and making a poor intern slave away too (well they got to earn their 5k don’t they by sacrificing at least one Saturday evening). Hey I’m not a slave driver but deadlines are deadlines. I am not too happy about the fact that I have sacrificed my Saturday as well as my Sunday. Arjun’s in Calcutta (he had the hugest prawns ever last night made for him by his sasuma, aka my mom). My mom’s delighted. I was in Cal last weekend and this weekend Arjun is in Cal. Oh well….I’l go get some TLC from the in-laws 🙂

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March 21, 2009 at 2:46 pm

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Big meeting in the evening. Yours truly is however, extremely sleepy. Yours truly is risking her life and limb and job and the pay cheque she loves if she falla asleep. Yours truly desperately fighting to stay awake. Yours truly is immune to the feeka office coffee. Yours truly has walked around the office and taken a catnap and chatted and read up the day’s headlines – yet she is still sleepy. Yours truly has a 243 page judgment to read on Hindu succession. Is it any wonder Yours truly is sleepy?

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March 6, 2009 at 10:19 am

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Where i Whine….

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I thought I had left my studying days behind. I don’t want to study. I don’t want to research. I don’t want to brief. For god’s sake, you have a file, read it like the rest of us do. And if you don’t understand something, figure it out. I’v been in this profession for 2.5 years, you’v been here for 20+. I want to sleep. No actually, I want to curl up with a good thriller and a cup of hot chocolate inside my lovely brown razai (blanket) with the fan running on 2. I want to go no an all-India trip visiting everyone. I don’t want to sit and research on an erratic law research website.


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February 17, 2009 at 10:11 am

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Boys….Look Who’s Back/ Monkey Business?

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Is it who’s back or whose back?

Did anyone miss me? Please be nice and say ‘Yes’. It will really make my day to know that I have a dedicated fan following 😛

I’v been working at client-site in a nationalized bank for the past couple of weeks. It’s been crazy. No loos, no water, no food, no chai-coffee on time (that’s the toughest part) and oh, we also had a visit from some of the friendly neighbourhod monkeys, who dropped by to share our lunch.Unfortunately, we were a hungry lot and weren’t really in the mood to share our meagre fare of sandwiches so we screamed the house down (not literally – it a sturdy angrezon ke zamane ki building and thankfully not a modern-day construction) and called up a colleague who was elsewhere in the building and he came in with half – a dozen bank officers with lathis in their hands. Yup we’r not particularly friendly when we’r working. We got escorted out by bank officers on either side holding lathis & chairs and what not in their hands. Funny in retrospect. Makes for a great story now – not then. All we could think off at that time was 14 injections if any of them even touched us. As for the loos, as time grew short, we just tied hankies around our noses, held our breath and used the loos there. We also carried our own extension cord, water & coffee. Thankfully we didn’t have to carry our own chairs and tables also, though they would have been far far more comfortable. We also has an avid smoker, who to avoid walking a kilometre till the lift, and then going three floors down and then crossing the road, decided to clamber onto a chair, then to an old abandoned cooler, then onto to a ledge from where she would hang on for dear life and smoke through a crack in the glass. Her newly-wed hubby was most certainly not amused by her dedication. 

On a different note though, I fail to understand how people are not and can not be honest with their work. There was another legal team there auditing the same documents as us and they finished their work in 2 days while we took 2 weeks. Being time-efficient is one thing, but missing out on key documents in order to finish your targets is a completely different thing. Some of you may laugh and say we were slow but we’r also thorough, which is the entire essence of an audit/ DD. How can anyone be dishonest with their work?

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January 27, 2009 at 7:20 am

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Sulabh Shauchalaya Zindabad

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Hey people!!!
I’v not been around for a while. Have been at client site doing a DD for the past couple of weeks now. Would you believe it that the data room we have been provided has 3 plug points of which only 1 works, so we carry an extension cord everyday since there are four of us working there. We had to ask for water on our first day, so they provided us with 2 small bisleri bottles, which  we soon finished off. When we asked for it to be refilled, the water looked and tasted weird so I am convinced that  it is tap water. So now we also buy 2 bottles before going in. Apart from that the loo is so filthy that we refuse to use it. We use the Sulabh Shauchalaya across the road and pay 2 bucks per head every time we need to pee. People Sulabh Shuachalayas are pretty well-maintained and I’m talking about one which is behind Janpath and has pretty heavy traffic everyday. So if any of you have offices in and around CP/ Janpath, let me know – would love to meet up for a quick lunch cuz you see they haven’t asked us for lunch yet.
We’r just going to send all the bills to the client, including the ones for Sulabh Shauchalaya 😛

Written by SupMM

January 16, 2009 at 1:43 pm

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