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#Blogoholics Utd. – I am back

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Pardon me for not having posted the past week, health just didn’t permit and of course I was in Cal as well, so if I was on the laptop for too long I was getting the danda from the Mommy to take  a break from work and layoff the laptop.

The past week was awesome! Despite the fact that we were all unwell and didn’t really feel like eating much, just the fact that we were all together was good fun. I met up with a cousin and her husband for the first time. I am the oldest in my paternal side of the family. We cousins have interacted as kids and at various stages of growing up but the age gap was always there, but now that most of us are various stages of our twenties, its good fun. I got to see a different side to them this time. Family does surprise us!!!! And accept us as we are – that’s the best part.

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October 12, 2011 at 11:05 pm

#BlogholicsUtd – Post 3

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I’m in Kolkataaaa!!! Home sweet home.

Lots of plans, lots of good food food, lots of adda with friends – some old and some new. An opportunity for the saris to be worn. The dhaakis and the shaaj all over. Seeing Pyramids in the morning and Hogwarts in the evening.  Cal just wears a totally different look at this time of the year. Though we may all be working in different cities, we all make it a point to come home at this time of the year – to be with friends and family, to just be home and celebrate the joy of being together as family, as friends. And that’s how I look at festivals – a time of joy and enjoyment, a break from the regular bhag-daud and a time to catch up. Sometimes, we do need an excuse to force us all to do that.

You guys have a great Pujo  😀

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October 4, 2011 at 12:28 am

Bura Na Mano Holi Hai

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I was headed out of my office to the car park and was discussing something intently with my colleague when suddenly we hear a PHAT!! And another PHAT!!! And realized a couple of water balloons had been aimed by the kid next door. My colleague’s light grey trousers were splattered  with coloured water. The kid immediately ran inside his house. We went and rang the door bell. Noone opened the door but his father came to the balcony and asked us what happened. So we told him that his son was throwing water balloons and it had narrowly missed us. And all he had to say was “Bura na mano holi hai. Yeh to hota hi hai. bachche to khelenge hi.” (Don’t get upset, its holi. All this happens. Kids will play). I asked him if I could slap him and get away with “Bura na mano holi hai”. He had nothing to say for that. I asked him what if his son threw a balloon on someone who is driving a car or riding a two-wheeler and caused an accident. His son isin’t a little kid anymore but is old enough to now understand this. We had to leave then because we were getting late and my friend would have to now buy a new trouser as well as she couldn’t go for a meeting in her colour splattered trousers. And we promised to send him the bill.

I have also played holi as a kid and I still play. But it is only in Delhi have I seen that people throw balloons randomly at strangers and passers-by. I fail to understand what is the fun in this. I was a pretty naughty kid myself but had the sense not to throw it at random people. The one and only time I did something like this, it landed on my dad’s friend who was in his white naval uniform. I was lucky it only had water in it and not coloured water. My parents  however, were anything but amused. I have seen kids here throw it on the delivery boys on their 2 wheelers or at drivers (including a few on a bus driver who was driving at that time) which can cause a serious accident. Don’t their parents ever think of that?

I don’t mean to be the Grinch who stole Holi but I don’t understand why the playing cannot be restricted to friends and families and not innocent passers by. But I still don’t think that Holi gives anyone the license to misbeahve.

Read Chandu’s Holi trauma tale here.

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February 26, 2010 at 10:22 am

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Heyloooo!!!! Yes I know I have been away for a superlong while and many of you may ahve actually forgotten me (Me thinks I need to go knock on the proverbial dors again to say “Hi, I’m back”  :P). Btw why am I not getting snowlakes on my blog?

Well, life’s been awfully crazy and hectic.I’v been wokring my ass off and while at it bought a pair of chocolate brown shoes with sexy but suprisingly comfy heels, another brownish/ maroonish gladitaor heels and a sleeveless black sweater from Benetton.

My reporting’s been changed so now I report to a new partner w.e.f 1st December 2009. I have been snowed under (lkeeping in tune with the holiday season) with work. I had to miss a very close friend’s wedding and was almsot in tears earlier this month. We were supposed to go to Jaipur for another friend’s wedding for three days on 22nd of this month, but my boss asked me not to go because of work. And these were two wedings I was really looking forward to – one of roommate of three years from Pune finally geting married to her college sweetheart (which would have been like a mini0-reunion with friends) and the other one’s happening in some fort near Jaipur in full Rajput style.

Alas!!!! Anyway just came out of my files to say Hi to all off you and tell you about my dukhbhari katha.

See ya around soon.And Greetings of the Season!!!! Ho ho ho and all that 🙂

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December 19, 2009 at 6:00 pm

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Of Diwali, Chicken Biryani, Chocolate Brownies & Other Tales

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How was your Diwali? I’m just so thankful that I haven’t become deaf yet.

We bought a new microwavefrom LG on Dhanteras. We were most excited and popped some corn to inaugarate it. Then , since yours truly was extremely excited about cooking something in her new microwave, we quickly peruse the cookbook (free with the microwave) and decide to make some chicken biryani. The list of ingredients called for whole (sabut) garam masala, boneless chicken, sliced onions, 250 gms of rice and 2 cups of water. The first instruction was to soak the rice in 2 cups of water for half an hour, then drain the water and then boil the rice in the microwave for 5 minutes. Ummmm..while yours truly was wondering whether or not to add water again, the Hujband issued instructions to follow the instructions as it were written and not to use my own discretion. Since yours truly being the good Bharitya nari (since the Hujband shelled out the dough for the microwave – it qualifies as “something” for the kitchen na and we being such foodies n all) decided to follow the instructions exactly as they were written, drained the water and put in the rice for 5 minutes. Result – Toasted rice which yours trule wondered whether briefly whther it could be masqueraded as some oil-free diet muchies at some party and then got dumped in the ol’ faithful bin in the corner  😛

Next yours truly decided to try her hand at making some chocolate walnut brownies (inspired by the umpteen dry fruit gift boxes given on Diwali). So we hunt for a recipie, take a printout, go to the market during the lunchbreak, speand 500 bucks on raw materials to make it (and feel very proud of making it apne haathon se and vow that henceforth, we shall make yummy deserts at home and save money while we’r at it since my Bong genes have to be kept satisfied). We reach home at 9 pm and quicky make the Hujband some khichdi (in the loyal Hawkins) and then start seiving the maida & melting the chocolate (In the naya microwave bhai). Brief moment of panic when shop next door had run out of eggs, but we got it from the shop down the road. So we seive and we stir and we melt the butter and whip the eggs and finally we have the yummy batter ready (after we chase the Hujabnd away from the kitchen who is most amused to see everything going on and promising to take pictures next time cuz this time he’s too busy laughing). Then we grease the naya naya Borosil baking dish and pour in the batter (makign sure there is enough left to lick). And then…you sit and wait for the smells to come. 20 minnutes later there’s a ping and feeling very Julia Child & Martha Stewart-ish (only in the cooking from scratch part, not the fraud part) and we take out the dish. Alas!!!! The brownies are still not cooked completely so we put it in for ten minutes, still not cooked completely. Repeat process a couple of times more. Fourth time, you lose patience, enthusiasm wearing off and a quick glance at the clock shows it to be almost midnight and yours truly needing her beauty sleep. So we take out the dish, let it sit for some ten minutes and then take the brownie out. Too soft for a piece t be cut so we use a spoon to scoop some out and feed it to the Hujband who loyally declares it to be the best brownie that he has ever had and so on and so forth. He knows which side his bread is buttered.

And I got complimented by an old uncle with an American accent at a card party for being an honest hard-working person because we were the only who refrained from playng cards (He – because he refuses to gamble with his hard earned dollars and Me – because I am to wary of playing against the Delhi bhaiyas and bhabis who have grown up playing the game). That of course, only lasted till I told him that I was a lawyer by profession. I tell you, we lawyers are a much maligned profession. Give me money, I’l save anyone’s ass – we don’t discriminate on the basis of caste, creed or gender.

Other tales would also include my neighbours having taken the responsibility of making all those in the vicinity deaf and we literally turning a deaf ear for the next couple of days. What happened to the ten pm deadline and decibel limit etc? And the cops also turned a deaf ear to the whole proceedings. We were kept awake late every night till a grand finale with a 100o ki ladi at 2 am for three continuous nights.

Other tales would also include my work having increased  three fold, thanks to some administrative duties (all in the name of team coordination) being given to me. I don’t have an issue with additional responsibility, but this stupid North Indian mentality of refusing to take instructions from a woman makes things very tough for me. After all, how much can I tick someone off for not having done their work or how much can I run behind someone to do their work. I get majorly pissed off when people give me stupid attitude for no reason whatsoever. I am being very mature (*Pat on the back*) and letting them know politely it is not acceptable and that they need to pull up their socks because there is only this one point till when I can cover that person’s ass. Okay ranting over.

End post.

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October 24, 2009 at 6:28 pm

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Welcome To My New Abode

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Hellooo peoples…Welcome to my new abode. Since parts of the site are still under construction, kindly adjust.

As you all now see, I have now switched alliance from Blogger to WordPress. Still getting the hang of it (While we’r at it, can someone please tell me how to incerase font size in my posts and also that of the links on my blogroll; and also how to bring the links for the multiple Pages on top from its existing place on the right side?)

By the way, a Subha Bijoya to all you. I had a wonderful trip to Cal this time – little shopping, lots of pandal hopping, lots of adda, quality time with the folks, major hogging, little sari wearing (saris and me are not conducive to pandal hopping), loads of mishti, the joy of knowing that I didn’t have to go to work for a whole week was simply bliss. (Details on another post)

Returned on Tuesday morning to work – lots of changes happening around here, including various administrative policies. (We’r most worried about the change in the leave policy – thank God I took a week off now). Let’s see what happens. We’r keeping our fingers crossed cuz it sure promises to be a bumpy ride.

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October 1, 2009 at 12:30 pm

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Bura Na Mano, Holi Haiiiiii

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Rang Barse Bheege Chunar Wali, Rang Barse
Are Kaine Maari Pichkaari Tori Bheegi Angiya
O Rangrasia Rangrasia, Ho
Rang Barse Bheege Chunar Wali, Rang Barse …

Sone Ki Thaali Main Jona Parosa
Are, Sone Ki Thaali Main Jona Parosa
Haan, Sone Ki Thaali Main Jona Parosa
Are, Khaye Gauri Ka Yaar Balam Tarse Rang Barse
Holi Hai!!!
O, Rang Barse Bheege Chunar Wali, Rang Barse …

Launga Ilaichi Ka, Are Launga Ilaichi Ka
Launga Ilaichi Ka? Haan
Are Launga Ilaichi Ka Beeda Lagaya
Haan, Launga Ilaichi Ka Beeda Lagaya
Chabe Gauri Ka Yaar, Balam Tarse
Holi Hai!!!
O, Rang Barse Bheege Chunar Wali, Rang Barse …

Are, Bela Chameli Ka Sez Bhichhaya
Bela Chameli Ka, Sez Bhichhaya
Are, Bela Chameli Ka Sez Bhichhaya
Haan, Bela Chameli Ka Sez Bhichhaya
Soye Gauri Ka Yaar, Balam Tarse
Holi Hai!!!
O, Rang Barse Bheege Chunar Wali, Rang Barse

The one day when were officially allowed to get dirty as kids. Forget us, even the parents used to get all dirty. We used to compete over who took more time to have a bath and whose skin was rubbed the most raw. Forget family bonding over dinner, family bonding while trying to colour one another and throwing water balloons at each other is even more fun. We used to fill up buckets with water balloons the week preceding Holi. When bogged down by exams, we used to throw buckets of water from the balcony.

Tomorrow, we’v invited a bunch of friends over for Holi. Arjun and me are now hunting for pichkaris (which don’t cost 500 bucks per piece and a dholak). We’v got the music, gujiyas and bhang in place.

On an aside, I felt a 7 month baby (still inside his/her mommy’s tummy) play football. Its awesome to feel the baby move and kick. I thought it would be weird but its just soooooooo awesome. And to watch the baby’s mature elder sister (all of three and a half years old) say “My chota baby. Move your hand. Only my chota baby”…..awwww.

Anyway happy holi folks. I don’t know if I’l be able to post till Monday cuz I’m headed to the Land of Mishti – CALCUTTA – on Friday morning :D. I’v been terrorising the office folks that I’m going to be giving them hourly updates of what I have eaten and they’v treatened to lynch me if I don’t get back some mishti for them 😛

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March 10, 2009 at 9:39 am

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