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Ashamed to be an Indian

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This is the first time that I have said that. I haven’t been as ashamed during the match-fixing row as during this fiasco called the Commonwealth Games (CWG). Its shameful to see how so many crores of the tax payer’s money has been literally thrown down the drain.

What with foot-bridges collapsing, unhygienic loos, stray dogs sleeping on beds, stagnant water bodies, and incomplete buildings – this is the status when barely two weeks are left for the CWG to begin (I haven’t even gotten started on the ‘alleged’ non-payment of minimum wages to the labourers). Preparations have been going for more than a year. We were faced with blocked roads beacuse of construction going on in various placed – whether it was for the metro/ infrastructure/ stadiums but we took it in our stride saying “Its for the Games”. 

Now I see it was all a sham. Kalmadi & Co. were busy filling their pockets while making empty promises in the air about this being the best Games Village ever or that it would be even better than the Beijing stadiums built for the Olympics. As my friend Johnnie has put it, “The Beijing stadiums have been hailed as examples of ultimate modern engineering in National Geographic/ Discovery; while CWG infrastructure shall be featured in the same programme as engineering disasters. but who cares – we’r on tv right?” And Mr. Bhanot says that hygiene levels are different for each person. Scotland spoke of stray dogs and faeces while England said that the toilets were being used by the labourers. One athelete (from Australia) has pulled out of the CWG citing security concerns while Australia and New Zealand have said that they cannot put up their teams in such unhygienic and unlivable conditions. I am now wondering what disasters shall happen during the CWG. I hope we don’t have to hear about any women athletes being molested (or even worse raped), or any theft or our brillaint autowalas misbehaving with the vistors. What the hell is ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’?

I had my fingers crossed all through the past year that we would pull it off. I f0ught with people who said the CWG was a disaster and the money would have been better spent on the development of the country rather than hosting the CWG. Now I wonder if they were right? This is a national shame.

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September 21, 2010 at 11:45 pm

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