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World War V

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That’s because WW III and WW IV are over and done with today – and that is the good news.
Ever just felt like simply screaming and letting out whatever is inside you head.
Ever felt like just curling up in your blanket to shut out the world like an ostritch hiding its head in the sand.
Ever felt like simply chucking up everything and walking away – damn all obligations & responsibilties to hell.
Ever felt its one of those days when everything is gloomy and the sun will never shine again (metaphorically speaking).
Ever felt that its one of those days when even banging your head against the wall won’t make a difference.
Ever felt that its one of those days when the moment you open your mouth you know that World war V will start.

 Ever felt like borrowing harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak just so that your the only person in your world for that day.

 Ever felt like your the target at the end of a firing squad.
Ever felt like saying that even chocolate won’t help today.
Yes, its one of those days today.

Written by SupMM

August 20, 2009 at 10:30 am

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