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Stuff Which Ought To Have been Posts

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This is basically a random bunch of stuff which ought to have been posts, but have instead become various bullets in a post.

  • Everyone and their brother is getting married. I don’t have that much leave. Everyone seems to be getting married one after the other. I am taking the next few weeks as the wedding weeks (which reminds me I need to get the bling bling out from the locker).
  • We had some friends over for dinner on Sunday night and we had a gala time. I had made chhole, mutton & vegetarian pulao and my MIL had sent some palak-paneer. Everyone also complimented my cooking 🙂
  • We’d got these cocktail samosas  which I baked in the oven and were yummmm. The second pack turned out to be batata wadas (I had asked the Hujband to pick up two packets of samosas and he just picked up two packets randomly, w/o realising that they weren’t the same thing) which also I baked. Totally ideal for vada pao. I vote for a vada pao, poha & cutting chai party soon. Anyone up?
  • Oh and our littlest guest (all of 20 months) had more dip over his clothes & face than what he ate 😛
  • We had a lovely blogmeet at ~nm ‘s place on 31st october in honour of Monika visiting the capital city & bloggers from NCR all congregated for some lovely food (the pav-bhaji was yummmmm), masti & mazak.  Besides, yours truly, there was the delightful Meira, Neera and How do We Know. The kids were kept busy with some pasta, chocolates & some animated movie on the laptop. It was just like a bunch of old friends meeting and never felt like we were meeting for the first time (I met everyone, except Meira for the first time). I arrived just in time for lunch and immediately put my phone inside the bag so that I wouldn’t get calls from work (So what if its a Saturday? Does the world end my friend? Then how can work stop?)
  • I had to leave a little early from the blogmeet cuz I had to go meet my cousin and this one girl whom he was sent to mee by the folks and thereafter had to give my report to them. (Report was positive and yes we did ask “Beta, kya tum khana bana sakti ho? and burst out laughing).
  • Same cousin returned home to do nightlong puja of the X-Box Devta with the Hujband while I was made to slave over a hot stove (oven actually since there was no gas)  to make some brownies. They were yummmm…photos were terrible (but I’l give you guys the recipie soon).
  • Work has been hectic over the past month for both the Hujband & me…things getting resolved now 🙂
  • We went for London Dreams last sunday….decent movie. I didn’t like the songs so much in the movie, but they’r the type which grow on you. Salman Khan was rather OTT and irritating at times, Ajay Devgan was good in the ngative aspect, but not so great as a rockstar, Asin was somewhat irritating (though I loved her hair & getup), Rannvijay was surprisingly good.
  • I have been a good girl and not done much retail therapy cuz while I need to pay off my credit cards
  • Also tell me guys, (because I have been discussing this issue off late), how much perecentage of your salary do you save/ invest for tomorrow/ rainy day without feeling the pinch on your today? I save a significant chunk of my salary (almost 50%) and so does the Hujband, but I do feel the pinch sometimes. I wonder that being a DINK couple, we find it difficult to save, and I wonder what will we do when we do start a family. I wonder if its worth skipping out on a few things today to save for tomorrow, but then would I still be able to pick up another shoe and deny my child a toy? As in, my needs would then be secondary and not of primary importance as hey are today. Will I then resent that I didn’t do it today when I had h oppurtunity to do so? Does that even make sense or am I just being very slefish?
  • Which also brings me to the favourite topic of all Dilli aunties “Beta, good news kab de rahe ho?”. I direct them all to to the Hujband for clarifications.
  • Oh and we had this impromptu college reunion last Friday where 4 of us college friends met up cuz one of them had come from out of town and was flying back the same day. He calls me at 11 am and says “Oye Bangali, kaisa hai? Mujhe kya khila rahi hai lunch pe? Milne ka hai re ujhse. Bahut din ho gaye mile hue hum sabko. See you at 1 pm at ______. Byeee” and hung up. He had pulled the same stunt on 2 others and all 4 of us met up to lots of un, laughter & shared memories. We knew he was dating another common friend and one of us generally asked him “K____ kaisi hai?”. To be informed “Biwi theek hai.” The 3 of us yelled the place down with “Tum dono ne shaadi kab ki? Bulaya bhi nahi.” So then he told us of how the parents were objectng so they’d had a court marriage and the parents had finally agreed and that they were still staying seperately because they had promised their parents. The other patrons in the resteraunt turned around to look at the 3 of us shrieking & yelling at the 4th one and this guy on the next table had to save a bowl  of manchurian from going plop on his head.
  • This is the same guy who taught me & another friend gaalis in Marathi when we asked him to teach us some basic Marathi to converse with the bai & the auowalas.
  • I need new shoes.

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November 10, 2009 at 6:02 pm

I feel so good today….

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cuz I’m wearing one of my most favourite and oldest tops which dates back to my second year of college and my favourite pair of bangle-sized silver hoop earrings.
PS: Bangle-sized hoop earrings were my trademak in my college days 🙂

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June 23, 2009 at 10:13 am

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