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I am a Brave Girl!!!

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This post is dedicated to all those wives who spend long lonely nights when their respective  husbands are traveling (No you can get your eyebrows back down again. This is not THAT kind of a post. Its a family blog).

The story starts with the Hujband off on one of his tours again and yours truly getting bored with all the stupid nonsensical stuff on the idiot box suddenly remembering that one of her library books still remained unread. So what if its a murder mystery? So what if its a big house and the schoolteacher’s favourite sound – that of pindrop silence prevails when the idiot box is switched off? So what if its a duplex and the slightest sound on the ground floor can be heard on the first floor and one is too chicken lazy tired to come see what’s it all about. Must be from the other house.

So being the environmentally conscious person that yours truly is, all the lights on the ground floor are dutifully switched off (all but one so as to ensure that yours truly who loves all her shins and ankles and calves doesn’t bang into something when she comes down the next morning in a zombie-like state to open the door for the maid) and move with shawl and ipod to the first floor. Oops ipod is completely discharged. And the charger is on the ground floor. Damn we will just read have to without any music then. So we start reading THE BOOK. Read about the disappearance of a character. Then the first gruesome murder. The references to black magic. Quietly check the clock. OMG its 11:05!! Time to sleep(its a separate issue that I generally sleep around midnight). Again, being the environmentally conscious person that we are, we switch off the light and get into the razai. Then we toss. Then turn. Then straighten the razai. Then increase the fan speed. Then get back into the razai. Then toss. Try calling the Hujband who doesn’t answer. Then change the pillow. Go to the loo. Have water. Pick up some random clothes lying around. Then finally go down and get some chocolate from the fridge and read a Mills & Boon for about half an hour. Man & woman meet. Sparks both verbal and otherwise fly. Misunderstandings galore. Then the three magic words are spoken and all izz well as Aamir so eloquently put it. Finally we sleep.

On the way back from work the next day, we resolve to not read THE BOOK till the Hujband is back home. Get home and read a non-offending Shopaholic book for sometime and quietly furtively promise self to only read a few pages from THE BOOK. Get engrossed. Read about the  gruesome murder of a second character. Then read how the cops frame the innocent boyfriend who  escapes the cops and decides to prove his innocence. Hujband calls. Talk to him for a few minutes and quickly hang up. Getting spooked out but continue reading and finally succumb to sleep & tiredness. Its a totally besides the fact that  all the lights in the house are on.

We wake up at 6:15 am the next morning for the maid. Steal a glance at THE BOOK. Fortify oneself with a good mug of steaming hot and strong coffee. John Denver in the background. Windowns open and light streaming in. THE BOOK really doesn’t seem all that scary anymore.

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February 24, 2010 at 2:48 pm

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