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Is there anything more wonderful than the slash of black ink across a white sheet of paper?

I am a fountain pen fan. Most people are usually surprised to see me use a fountain pen & tell me that a ball pen is way more convenient. That maybe true, but I am a fan of the fountain pen. The heaviness of the steel body, the sharp point of the nib, the ink slashing across paper, changing the  cartridge/ dipping the pen into the ink bottle when the ink gets over, the stain of the ink on your finger when you clean the nib, the fun of the ink fights, the pages and pages of your journal filled with black ink. Fountain pens never lose their drama, their magic. I think the power of literally putting pen to paper has its own magic. A

Ballpoint pens never inspire me to write, to think, to imagine. They have no drama. They have no flair. They have no magic.  They never possessed any to begin with. Its the difference between a formal black suit & a pair of torn denims.


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December 4, 2012 at 2:40 pm

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Shree Ganesh Post – 1

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Its 11pm & I just realised that today is the start of a marathon blogging session that I have signed up for this month.

I almost flunked on the first day, but I managed to skip my ATKT by posting an hour before midnight. I started blogging sometime in 2006,but was never really regular. I met some wonderful people thanks to blogging & I’m hoping this time around I’l meet a few more 🙂

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December 1, 2012 at 11:10 pm

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