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Randomly – About Kasauli & IPL

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Well first things first….thanks all of you who wished us and boo to those who didn’t 😛
We had a great time a Kasauli as you can see from our snaps. We stayed in a cottage in a resort called Baikunth.
That’s my other half posing on the overhanging porch outside our cottage. You can see a part of the cottage on the left. We had this lovely window seat in the cottage with a huge glass window so you could read and look outside in the mountains and contemplate as well. I’v told Arjun that when we buy our own house, I want a window seat like that too. 
That’s yours truly shivering away in the late evening breeze in the lovely garden. They had a lovely garden with garden swings, wrought iron and jute garden furniture with canopies. We  did plan on dining out every night, except for the fact that I forgot to carry a jacket, and the true blue Bong that I am, I would start shivering at the slightest breeze. We did manage to have drinks outside though one night 🙂
That’s me posing on a lovely sunny morning in our porch.You can see the mountains and trees in the background. This was before our Kerala massage. The resort had a Kerala massage facility, so both of us got a body massage done. That was really really great. Ideal anniversary – eat, sleep, get a massage done, watch the IPL matches, spend quality time with each other, go for a hike, lots of photo-ops for my shutterbug hubby,and reading time for me. Added plus point for Arjun was that since we not staying in the main Kasauli town, I did no shopping and the gift shop at the resort was only discovered on the last day and it was closed.
These Raybans were Arjun’s anniversary gift. I  got them made for his power. The guy was thrilled with his first ever shades (He would use the money to buy another lens/ camera stuff) and getting sunglasses custom-made are well….always secondary to his camera. This now demands the story of how he became a bakra. These were a total surprise for him and he had no idea whatsoever that I had ordered these for him and had asked them to be delivered at his parent’s place. Friday night his parents came over to meet us before we left and my MIL gave me the Rayban box in front of him. This guy huffed and puffed cuz he thought I went and bought myself a sunglasses and didn’t get him anything and slunk off to a corner with beer in hand to sulk. he even refused to see them. My FIL tried them on and said in a totally surprised tone “Are, these are power wale sunglasses, but they’r not my power.” My MIL said they’r too big for her face. Then I tried them on as well and said they were not my power. By the end of all this drama, Arjun figured out they were for him and well…the glee on his face said it all.
That’s the lovely couple taking a breather during their hike.
That is the one and only desert I had in our 4 days there. Hey, I have to have something mitha on my 2nd anniversary.

That is Kasauli at night.
There were wind-chimes hung up in all unlikely places and we could hear them tinkling every time the wind blew but we couldn’t however see them, except for this one we spotted on a tree.
And that is my favourite photographer caught in action 🙂 
Pictures: Courtesy Arjun Mahajan. These are his copyrighted images and any unauthorized usage will not be taken lightly. 
Now about IPL. Down with SRK. He makes Dada a judge on some stupid cheerleaders and the strips him off his captaincy. Use saari Bangaliyon ke gaaliyan padengi. uski saari movies flop karenge. (Btw where are the selected cheerleaders? I have only seen the blonde babes dancing).
Oh and do check out the Fake IPL Player. Don’t know who he is and if he actually is who he claims to be, i.e., a fake IPL player, but he sure is bringing us his aankhon dekha masala gossip straight from South Africa.

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April 24, 2009 at 7:18 am

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One whole year gone by…

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Hey…a whole year gone by. A big step for both of us. Now we’r slowly getting over the magic of the newly – weds, but the magic will never fade completely.

Marriage is not all that what everyone said it would be. In some ways, its more than what I had thought it to be, in some ways its way less than what I thought it would be.

For me, Arjun is my husband, my life partner, friend, philosopher, guide, the mad hatter, my best buddy, the irritating madcap at times, the brat at another. He makes me want to tear my hair out sometimes and another time to give him a big hug and comfort him. Marriage is a bond, but its not jail.

We have accepted each other as we are, for better or for worse, in good times and bad, in sickness and in health. It’s a tough commitment to live upto, but it’s worth it. 365 days have just flown by in the wink of an eye…and may many more years will also just fly by.

PS: My kid sister (she is going to be so pissed when she reads that bit) has written this simply wonderful poem for Arjun and me…This is the link. Read it cuz anything I say will do it injustice.


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April 21, 2008 at 12:19 pm

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I have come a long way since April 2006 when I passed out of college…all set to enter the big bad world armed with 5 years of hard work and my degree. Little did I know that within 3 weeks I would meet my soulmate and marry within a year of that. And now here we are, almost at April 2008 – m with almost 2 years of work-ex and almost 1 year of marriage-ex.

Alot of people, and most of all my mother, were surprised to know that I wanted to marry a person I had met only once earlier at a dinner I was dragged to which in itself is a separate blogpost (not counting those one or two times we met when we were kids ; or rather I was a kid and he was busy being the cool dude) and had committed to the same. not that my parents had any objections, he being the son of their very old friends and we had the parents going “Aao is dosti ko hum rishtedaari mein badle”…or some such Bollywoodish line.

Anyway, people were surprised, or should I say shocked cuz all through college I was this ambitious career-oriented hard-working girl who wanted to work hard and party harder with all the cute guys around. And them envisioning me as a bride at the tender age of 23, not even completed one year of work, not having ever entered the kitchen and having committed to a lifelong relation – yes I understand the difficulty faced by people.

However, once I got to know the Hubby, and especially after the first impromptu kiss, I was sure with all my heart and soul that this was the guy for me. And we knew that the relation had to be for keeps considering the friendship of the two families; also we knew that for the very same reason we would face no opposition to our relation from either of the families. And once i was ure of the Hubby, it really didn’t make sense for us to be in two different cities and neither did we see any in living together in sin when we more than happy to be married. The obvious concerns were that I was pretty immature yet in these matters. Everyone was concerned how would I cope up with managing work and home – everyone, except me that is.

I never thought about it until I actually had to do it, and when I actually had to do it, well I didn’t think much about it – followed the Nike ad and ‘Just did it’. On hindsight, maybe its a good thing I didn’t dwell too much on how would I cope up with house and work, a new city, a new family, totally different culture etc etc. Yes no doubt it was tough, but then I had the support of the Hubby all along to hold my hand, to lend his shoulder, to give me some gyan at times, to guide me, to love me, to hold me, to eat the moti rotis and half-cooked chicken that I dished out earlier.

Yes I am still learning, but I think I have coped up pretty well to all the changes. My only apprehension was my name, and we came to a compromise at that. I write both my maiden name and my married name.

Yes things do get difficult sometimes, but then we order out for some kababs/ chilli chicken/ pizza, turn off the lights and put on a good movie and cuddle up. That makes it worth everything.

Moral of the story: If the guy is Mr. Right, then everything else is right. Just don’t take years to ensure that the guy is Mr. Right, cuz if he is not, the years will slip by till you find another guy and assess whether he is your Mr. Right or not.

PS: This is is the opinion of th author; and the author does not intend that it be taken as gyaan.

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February 8, 2008 at 11:45 am

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