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A relaxing weekend after ages. Finally managed to also spend some time with the husband after almost 2 weeks. He was busy with work & his shoots. One is for the money & the other is his passion. It does leave him with extremely little time to spare though. I got woken up with breakfast in bed today which was a lovely surprise 🙂

On another note, do you judge people on the kind of music they listen to? I mostly listen to Hindustani classical fusion,old movie songs, John Denver,Abba,Beetles…well you get the drift. Trance & metal are over rated. However I have had people tell me several times that I don’t look the type to enjoy classical music which is not something I get. HOw does the way I look influence my choice of music? Similarly a colleague (who was a strict vegetarian) was often told that she didn look like a vegetarian, again something I never got.


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December 9, 2012 at 6:57 pm

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Post 6 – Blast from the past

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Yes I know today is the 8th and this is my 6th post. I am behind two posts. Will make up for it soon. Was travelling for the last couple of days as I said in my previous post.  2 days in a row I had to take early morning flights & then was working till late last night. Not an excuse, just that after 2 days of editing a document, I didn’t have the energy to draft another post. So today we’r all blogging on “Blast from the past”.


I was going through all my old photographs and couldn’t decide between these two.



This one is really a blast from the past. 4 generations in one photograph. That’s me on my mom’s lap, my nani on the left & my mom’s nani on my right. This is from our last trip to Allahabad made in 1993-94 sometime I think. Photographs like these bring up old memories. I remember my nani used to make me bhindi fry everyday (which I  absolutely love love love) and ‘ghono doodh’ (which is something like home made condensed milk). My nanaji used to take me for a walk everyday & we used to sneak in an ice cream. He was a professor of organic chemistry. When I finally studied organic chemistry in IX-X, I had an instinctive understanding of it which surprised my teacher & me the most  (I was never really a science student, just managed about a middling grade always. I was always a pure arts student). When my teacher told my mom this, she replied saying organic chemistry was in my blood after all 🙂


This is another photograph I pulled out (a more recent one from June 2010 I think).



I was working with a law firm till July 2010. June is the month of court vacations, when work is much lighter for us practising lawyers. Also when we get to shed our black & whites and wore jeans to work. It was like a month of second Saturdays for us. I had  been catching up on some long pending research and my head had been in the books all day. My friend dragged me out to get some fresh air around 4 pm. I borrowed a colleague’s bicycle (he stayed closed to the office & used to ride his bicycle to work) and went for a joyride. How many can say they interrupted their workday for a joyride on a bicycle. I hadn’t cycled in ages and I was scared I had forgotten how, but “they” were right. You never forget how to cycle.




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December 8, 2012 at 1:10 pm

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Last minute post again.

Had to take an early morning flight this morning for a work trip. I left the house at 5:30 this morning. 5:30am on a December morning in Gurgaon is pitch dark.

Its a wonder to see the roads which are usually choc-a-bloc with traffic pretty much empty. Just a few crazy healthy joggers, a couple of stray dogs and a few trucks. The world looks so different in that pre-dawn light, with just a tinge of pink over the horizon. Even the ugly office buildings in Udyog Vihar/Cyber City look so beautiful when the hazy light reflects off the glass front exteriors. Its a whole different world at 5:30am on a cold winter morning. I almost don’t mind waking up early to see. Almost.

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December 6, 2012 at 11:27 pm

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Its so difficult to keep in touch with people these days.

Earlier there used to be one landline where you could make & return calls (unless its a girl’s hostel where you could never get through & sent up flares & telegrams instead).

Now we have landline,office extension,gmail,office mail id,cellphone,twitter,facebook, whatsapp,BBM,gtalk & facebook messenger. If a person has 2 or more mobiles, then even more confusion. So if you send someone an sms, that person sends you a DM on twitter. You post on their wall & they reply on gmail. You send a whatsapp msg & they reply on your office mail id. This basically means that you spend all your day checking FB,twitter,gmail,gtalk,sms,whatsapp,BBM etc. to ensure that you ‘stay in touch’. God forbid you miss replying to that bitch from school’s ‘Hey whats up?’. So what if you still cannot stand her. Now you cannot even forget to wish your KG school teacher’s neighbour’s dog a very happy birthday as well.

Who said its easy staying in touch in today’s world!

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December 5, 2012 at 7:39 pm

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Is there anything more wonderful than the slash of black ink across a white sheet of paper?

I am a fountain pen fan. Most people are usually surprised to see me use a fountain pen & tell me that a ball pen is way more convenient. That maybe true, but I am a fan of the fountain pen. The heaviness of the steel body, the sharp point of the nib, the ink slashing across paper, changing the  cartridge/ dipping the pen into the ink bottle when the ink gets over, the stain of the ink on your finger when you clean the nib, the fun of the ink fights, the pages and pages of your journal filled with black ink. Fountain pens never lose their drama, their magic. I think the power of literally putting pen to paper has its own magic. A

Ballpoint pens never inspire me to write, to think, to imagine. They have no drama. They have no flair. They have no magic.  They never possessed any to begin with. Its the difference between a formal black suit & a pair of torn denims.


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December 4, 2012 at 2:40 pm

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SIL came down to India for 2-3 days. We decided to do brunch at our place today late last night – aalu puri type menu.

I was wondering what else to serve with aalu-puri. Finally decided on jeera-aalu,chholar dal & tomato-khejur chaatni Bong style. In Bongs,the tangy chaatni (chutney) is usually a seperate course & not eaten as an accompaniment like achar & is served hot.

Emergency call to Ma first thing in thr morning happened to get the recipe. Realised I didn’t have dates (khejur) at home & ran to the Safal store next door. Came home & made the chaatni. Took about half an hour to make & my SIL really loved it. The husband was a liitle grump that we had a vegetarian lunch on Sunday but I just didn’t have any non-veg at home. Placated him with some leftover biryani though.

So here’s a picture of the chaatni for you to salivate


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December 2, 2012 at 11:14 pm

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Shree Ganesh Post – 1

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Its 11pm & I just realised that today is the start of a marathon blogging session that I have signed up for this month.

I almost flunked on the first day, but I managed to skip my ATKT by posting an hour before midnight. I started blogging sometime in 2006,but was never really regular. I met some wonderful people thanks to blogging & I’m hoping this time around I’l meet a few more 🙂

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December 1, 2012 at 11:10 pm

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