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My Writing Mojo’s Back!

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My writing mojo’s baaaackkkkk!!!!!

Super kicked about it. For the past two years, I used to stare at a blank page on the laptop screen and wonder how to fill it up. I’d type a few random words,  delete. Rinse. Repeat. The words probably didn’t flow out of my fingertips because I wasn’t in a good place mentally (yes I know that sounds like a lot of hogwash, but that’s how I feel) – work stress, personal stress, health issues, my dad passing away, mom’s health, husband’s health etc. Excuses excuses. Even when I was home last year, my husband kept urging me to just put pen to paper (figuratively) and just write, but I just couldn’t do it. It took me a month to write 5 pages of what I had hoped would be a novel. I read it again over the weekend. I didn’t like what I read and just deleted the whole file.

Now that I am back to being myself, not drowning in various sorrows, I find the words flowing again. Till very recently, I didn’t think I would ever write again. Now I have the courage lack of fear of criticism to put it out there again for everyone to see. So fingers crossed, that this mojo doesn’t go away again.


Written by SupMM

June 11, 2015 at 11:59 am

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