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“Drunk woman lawyer rams Audi into cab on Eastern Freeway, kills 2”

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“Drunk woman lawyer rams Audi into cab on Eastern Freeway, kills 2”

This is the first thing I saw when I logged onto the Times of India website today.  A woman who was two sheets to the wind drove her Audi on the wrong side of the road and rammed into a taxi, killing two people and injuring three others.  Because of this woman’s sheer recklessness, two families have suffered a loss, which no amount of money can ever make up for. This was the first thought I had – anger at the drunk driver and empathy for the families of the deceased. The driver in question is a well-educated, well-paid corporate lawyer (driving an Audi) working in a relatively high management level position with a top corporate in south Bombay.

Unfortunately, there were a few people who ranted at the alleged implied sexism in the headline focusing on two words – “woman lawyer”. In their opinion, the headline reeked of sexism and implied that women were stereotyped as bad drivers, that there was no requirement to mention that the driver was a woman or that she was a lawyer etc. In my opinion the headline “Drunk driver rams Audi into cab, kills 2” or “Drunk lawyer rams Audi into cab, kills 2” carries lesser impact. If the driver had been a male lawyer working at a similar management position with a top corporate, the headline probably would have read slightly differently, though the result would have still been the same – two people would still be dead.

India has enough well-known women lawyers, so I don’t think the fact that the driver is a woman is what TOI is trying to drive home. The fact is that we usually expect a relatively higher level of caution from someone who is a vice-president legal with a top corporate (maybe not with regard to the leaking of confidential documents from a Ministry), the implicit logic being that a reckless person would not have probably reached such a high position with a reputed organisation.  Had the driver been a BEST bus driver (drunk or not), our reaction probably would be “These bus drivers drive so recklessly. I hope he goes to jail” because we accept the fact that bus drivers aren’t bound by such a high degree of caution and attention to details. Had it been a drunk celebrity, our reaction would be “He’s also going to be out on bail like Salman”.

A VP-Legal who is driving absolutely drunk on the wrong side of the road for several kilometers, who has already grazed two cars, who was allegedly so drunk that she could barely stand yet had the presence of mind to try and bribe the victims to not call the cops at the scene of accident does not deserve any sympathy because she is a woman or because she is a divorcee. Her negligent and rash driving was the cause of two deaths. Though drunk, she ought to have been well aware that her drunk driving could result in someone’s death, and has also been therefore charged for culpable homicide not amounting to murder and I sincerely hope that the matter is tried fairly in a time-bound manner and the driver is penalised in accordnace with law to the fullest extent possible, with no reprieve.

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June 10, 2015 at 4:40 pm

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