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Post 6 – Blast from the past

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Yes I know today is the 8th and this is my 6th post. I am behind two posts. Will make up for it soon. Was travelling for the last couple of days as I said in my previous post.  2 days in a row I had to take early morning flights & then was working till late last night. Not an excuse, just that after 2 days of editing a document, I didn’t have the energy to draft another post. So today we’r all blogging on “Blast from the past”.


I was going through all my old photographs and couldn’t decide between these two.



This one is really a blast from the past. 4 generations in one photograph. That’s me on my mom’s lap, my nani on the left & my mom’s nani on my right. This is from our last trip to Allahabad made in 1993-94 sometime I think. Photographs like these bring up old memories. I remember my nani used to make me bhindi fry everyday (which I  absolutely love love love) and ‘ghono doodh’ (which is something like home made condensed milk). My nanaji used to take me for a walk everyday & we used to sneak in an ice cream. He was a professor of organic chemistry. When I finally studied organic chemistry in IX-X, I had an instinctive understanding of it which surprised my teacher & me the most  (I was never really a science student, just managed about a middling grade always. I was always a pure arts student). When my teacher told my mom this, she replied saying organic chemistry was in my blood after all 🙂


This is another photograph I pulled out (a more recent one from June 2010 I think).



I was working with a law firm till July 2010. June is the month of court vacations, when work is much lighter for us practising lawyers. Also when we get to shed our black & whites and wore jeans to work. It was like a month of second Saturdays for us. I had  been catching up on some long pending research and my head had been in the books all day. My friend dragged me out to get some fresh air around 4 pm. I borrowed a colleague’s bicycle (he stayed closed to the office & used to ride his bicycle to work) and went for a joyride. How many can say they interrupted their workday for a joyride on a bicycle. I hadn’t cycled in ages and I was scared I had forgotten how, but “they” were right. You never forget how to cycle.




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