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SIL came down to India for 2-3 days. We decided to do brunch at our place today late last night – aalu puri type menu.

I was wondering what else to serve with aalu-puri. Finally decided on jeera-aalu,chholar dal & tomato-khejur chaatni Bong style. In Bongs,the tangy chaatni (chutney) is usually a seperate course & not eaten as an accompaniment like achar & is served hot.

Emergency call to Ma first thing in thr morning happened to get the recipe. Realised I didn’t have dates (khejur) at home & ran to the Safal store next door. Came home & made the chaatni. Took about half an hour to make & my SIL really loved it. The husband was a liitle grump that we had a vegetarian lunch on Sunday but I just didn’t have any non-veg at home. Placated him with some leftover biryani though.

So here’s a picture of the chaatni for you to salivate



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December 2, 2012 at 11:14 pm

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