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Blogging Challenge: Day 24

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A hurried trip to Ahmedabad again this time. Luckily, the work got done and boss was happy.

After our work was done, my colleague took me to this place called Atithi for a typical Gujarati thali – there was mithi dal, shreekhan, karele ki subzi, aalu ki subzi, farsaan, shreekhand, puris, chapatis, rice, churtney, papd, pickles and imarti. This place is very famous for its thali. If you ever in Ahmedabad, try the thali. As a hardcore non-vegetarain I am telling you it was really yum. I had a few hours to kill so I thought I’d go around the city and maybe buy a lovely typical Gujrati sari/ suit, but I was told all the shops would be shut, so I went back to office. Around 5 pm when I thought I’d take my chances, I received a call from an aunt who is also in Ahmedabad and whom I hadn’t seen in 10 years and who stays very close to my office, so off we went and dropped into see them for a quick half and hour. My uncle also came home early from work to meet me.  Then off to the airport to fly back.

Hopefully, on my next visit I shall get some time to buy a sari. I have a fascination for the bright colours, embroidery and the mirror work in the typical Gujrati style.

At the airport, the cops put in 3 laptops of the same model in one tray during security check, so when I cleared security check and went to collect my laptop, I had to switch on the laptop and confirm it was mine and not someone else’s.This particular model of Compaq is very popular apparently.

Flight was delayed by 45 minutes when I landed in Delhi, though we took off on time. An idiot tried to get very friendly with my ass in the bus (from the aircraft to the airport terminal), so just before getting off the bus, I turned around and rammed him hard in his groin ith my laptop bag. The poor guy was limping when he got off. A friend asked me why I didn’t create a scene, but sometimes there really is no point. He could have denied it, said it was crowded and his hand accidentally brushed my ass etc. etc., and sometimes its necessary to give it back to these a******* in language they understand.



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May 29, 2011 at 7:05 pm

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