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Blogging Challenge: Day 11

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How I spent my Saturday:

Running behind the plumber to fix the leakage in one bathroom and the broken tap in the other. A couple of days back, the Hujband managed to pull a tap out of the wall leading to a waterfall in our bathroom. We quickly turned off the mains. This meant that the bathroom on the ground floor was rendered unusable so we had to keep going to the bathroom on the first floor which has a leaky flushtank. Yesterday I finally managed to catch hold of the plumber and get him to fix both the bathrooms.

Running behind the maid who is supposed to come at 10:30 am and finally turned up at 12:30 and casually tells me “Didi, aaj thoda late ho gaya”. Did she get the mother of all yellings yesterday?

Then, last evening was supposed to be a regular evening with us catching up over drinks at a friend’s place and then heading out to dinner. We reached their place around 8:30 pm and  a few other friends just landed up. So we had two toddlers and one 5 month old baby in the house. The toddlers look at us, say hello and thereafter calmly walked into the playroom and proceeded to ignore the adults completely unless they wanted Coke/ chips which was given to them sparingly. The 5 month old baby looked around with his huuugeee eyes and then proceeded to play with his rattle letting out a yell if he felt he was too ignored. The kids were finally packed off to bed around 11 pm and the friends finally left left, and by the time we  were ready to head out for dinner it was midnight. Since it was pretty late, we couldn’t go where we had planned to go and headed to the midnight biryani buffet. All in all, a fun evening.


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May 15, 2011 at 11:29 am

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