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Who am I?

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When asked to introduce myself, I usually say ” Hi, I am Supriya Maulick Mahajan, Advocate” and if its family thing I identify myself as “Arjun’s wife” or as my “father’s daughter”.

I wonder who am I actually?

Am I only an advocate?

Am I only someone’s wife or someone’s daughter?

Or am I that person –

Who loves to read?

Who loves to dance?

Who loves to sing offtune cuz that’s all I can manage. Its something I inherited from my father – neither of us can carry a tune to save our life?

Who hopes to be an author of romance novels one day?

Who who wears technicolour only on weeeknds?

Who loves to eat good food?

Who enjoys a good stimulating argument?

Who gets all cranky if she does not have her cup of coffee around 4:30 – 5 in the evening?

Who loves a good joke?

Who loves her Chicken wings in honey sauce?

Who is a complete Pepsiholic?

Who is a fledgling cook?

Who is a wife, a daughter, a daughter-in-law, a sister (younger and older), a sister-in-law, a friend?

Who could make friends at the drop of a hat and talk up strangers?

Who can be happy all alone?

Who can feel lonely in a crowd?

Who can cry at the drop of a hat in good times and bad, but not when she needed to get her assignment dates extended?

Who misses having her close gal pals in the same city?

Who misses those carefree days of college?

Who now shares alot of her sorrows and worries with someone whom she has known for the past 14 years but only has now begun to actually know in the true sense of the word?

Who cannot resist a hot chocolate fudge?

Who is often an Agony/ Romance Aunt for her friends?

Who misses the water and her swimming?

Who tries to strike a balance between work and home?

Who really enjoys a glass of wine on any given day?

Whose idea of relaxation is to curl up with a book which can make her cry with a chocolate on the side?

Who always has to think twice before eating anything cold cuz she has a sinus problem?

who cannot tolerate MCPs in any fashion?

Who wants to have a beach house in Goa one day?

Who would go off in her pajamas to E-square for he Sunday morning free pop corn show of Harry Potter?

Who moved to Delhi (a city she hates) permanently because of love without even thinking once, forget twice?

Who had wanted to write an anonymous blog but has now decided not keep it anonymous?

Who loves children and plans on having her own cubs a few years down the line?

Who can give sage advice when asked for and just lend a shoulder when needed and also knock some sense when required?

Who is terrified of dogs?

Who makes decent aalu ka parathas?

Who dreamt of being a journalist and ended up as an advocate and now picks up her pen only to mark her signatures?

Who dreamt of Prince Charming and found him?

Who plans on buying red stilletoes just cuz…?

Who is a shopaholic?

Who loves her long dangling earrings?

Who is equally comfortable in a salwar-kameez or in jeans or in a sari or in shorts?

Who confesses to deriving some sadistic pleasure on punishing herself by watching the Saas-bahu serials?

Who confesses to reading other’s blogs but not leaving a comment?

Who plans to hit the treadmill tomorrow for sure?

Who has an enviable collection of whites and blacks for office wear 5 days a week?

Who loves to pick up that top for 100 bucks from Janpath and wear it 5 times before it gets all worn out?

Who still enjoys watching Tom and Jerry?

Who treasures her friends and hopes that they treasure her as much?

I am all of this and more.


Written by SupMM

March 26, 2008 at 1:17 pm

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  1. nice one..:)..I too HATE Delhi…same pinch..:)


    May 27, 2011 at 10:40 pm

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