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The Government is crazy…Period.

I am from Calcutta, studied in Pune, worked in Bombay, got married and moved to Gurgaon and work in Delhi.

But its only in Gurgaon and Delhi have I faced stupid stupid stupid red tapism ever. Get this –

For my marriage certificate, I need residence proof. And no, they do not accept electricity bills, phone bills or bank statements. They want only ration card or voters ID card. I unfortunately don’t have either.

For my name to be included on my in-law’s ration card they need a marriage certificate you see. And voter’s ID card, hellloooo wait till the next elections.

If I want to get my marriage registered in Delhi, I need like a thousand documents in triplicate, one local resident with his/her ID papers (3 ID proof needed), verification from neighbours and one gazetted officer to be present at the time of registration. Oh and I would need to make like a zillion trips cuz my documents will never be satisfactory.

Its a catch-22 situation. On one hand, the Apex Court says make marriage registration compulsory. On the other, they make it next to impossible to get it done. And this kind of crazy ruled are only in the North.

No such dumb rules in Bengal or Maharashtra. Guess fish does help. Maybe these rule-making North Indian idiots should give up their butter chicken n dal makhni n switch to fish curry and rice. That would certainly make life hell of alot easier for us poor common folks who want to abide by the law but run of patience and enthusiasm just fulfilling the dumb requirements.


Written by SupMM

March 7, 2008 at 12:32 pm

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